Dreams III


Handmade ceramic sculpture.

This figurative sculpture has the ability of immediate recognition and connection from the viewer.

This piece has a straightforward representation of a human's introspective moment. It allows you to wonder about its dreams, and the subtleness of its expression is meant to bring forward a reflective stage within you.

In the meditative moment of wonder, you as a viewer, share the experience with me, as the creator.


See also Daydream II and Dreams IV, for mere af denne serie.

Height: 14 cm

Width: 9 cm

Length: 13 cm

ARENA is a collection of handmade light terracotta pieces. This beautiful and soothing clay color aims to bring softness and balance to your spaces. The subtle clay color, unglazed exterior, and organic shapes give the series a minimalistic modern look.

Each piece has been handbuilt, making them one of a kind. Therefore, it means you accept and appreciate the traces of human creation. It’s part of the item’s unique character.