Monthly Special Course

The classes have 4 sessions of 3 hours each. 

Suitable for beginners and experienced.


In this course, you will acquire the knowledge of hand-building techniques, which you can use later on for building your pieces at home without the need of a potterswheel.

With these techniques you will be able to create symmetrical, angular and organic shapes, which you can apply for both sculptures and pottery. 


Starting your course, you will be presented with the project. Then, we will sketch out your ideas, so you visualize what you want from the start. Then we move on to step-by-step creating your piece.

There will be presentations about the project, artists to get inspired by, several demonstrations about each step of your piece, one-on-one assistance and more.

At the end, we fire your pieces for you, so you take home your one-of-a-kind ceramic pieces.



4 days – 12 hrs total

DKK 1480

Flower Vase | Wednesdays

17:00 – 20:00

07/09 – 14/09 – 21/09 – 28/09

Other Courses

Beginners I

6-day course to learn about hand-building techniques, theory, finishing techniques and more.

Come and create a variety of small projects with clay!



Fun Course

1-day course to have lots of fun by yourself or with a group of friends. Make a moment for yourself, let your creativity shine and come have fun with us!