Fun Course

One-day course where you can get hands-on experience with clay and bring home your unique piece.


Each course will have a specific project, so you don’t have to worry about what to make and every time you visit us will be different.

I will guide you throughout the process of creating so you have the best and easiest start with clay.


Fridays will focus on utilitarian ceramics, like cups or plates.
Saturdays will focus on decorative pieces, like abstract sculptures or wall decorations.



Add your personal touch, experiment and have fun with the process.

I will give you my tips and tricks on how to create what you have in mind.



You can also book a Private Course for just you and your friends when it fits in your calendar.

Send me an email using the form down below or directly to and let’s find a date and plan it together!



1 day – 4 hours



private course

Any questions regarding the courses or if you wish to book a course for you and a group of friends (minimum five people), you can contact me through this form.


Let me know your ideas!


I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Other Courses

Monthly Special Course

4-day course to go in-depth with one ambitious project. Each course has a different project where you’ll learn specific techniques.

Do not miss out!



Beginners I

6-day course to learn about hand-building techniques, theory, finishing techniques and more.

Come and create a variety of small projects with clay.