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Pottery with a light terracotta color to remind us of sandy days. This beautiful clay color changes depending on the sunlight. It becomes a vibrant terracotta as the sun hits directly. The subtle clay color and round shapes give the series a beautiful minimalistic look fitting for any household.


The darker brown clay is a statement color for this winter collection. All pieces have a transparent glaze with some blue or purple hues giving them a pop of color. The darker tones of the series add a warm mellow mood to the dining table or wherever they are displayed.


Inspired by Danish nature, this collection is made in vibrant orange clay. With etchings of beautiful danish wildflowers, one can use this pottery to bring nature back home. The warm orange and colorful etchings add a discreet pop of color giving them a unique and beautiful look.


All handmade products with a unique design for you!

BARRO’s purpose is to accentuate character in your space and bring a pleasing aesthetic to your everyday life.

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