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Laetitia G1-day ceramic course
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I had the pleasure to participate in a 1-day ceramic course at Barro, and it was so much fun! I didn’t have any experience, but Anabel is a great tutor who is dedicated to her craft and helps everyone feel at ease to explore their creativity. I can highly recommend Anabel and her studio
Elisabetta D1-day ceramic course
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I tried a 1-day course with a group of friends, and very much enjoyed it. It was such an immersive experience! Anabel will recognize each person's style and wishes, giving each one the right amount of guidance and freedom to create and express. It's definitely a recommended activity!
Rebekka B1-day ceramic course
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I spent one day at Anabel's studio during a ceramic course, and it was such a nice and unique experience. Anabel guided us in a super professional yet personal way and I got to know a lot about clay work and ceramics:) I will very likely do a course again.





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