Private Ceramic Course

The Private course is the perfect opportunity to bond and have fun with your group.
When you book this workshop, you get to pick a theme, date and time to enjoy this experience in a private setting.
We will use the theme as a starting point and the whole group will make a piece together. Afterwards there will be extra time where you can create any other pieces you would like.
You do not need to have a background in ceramics to try it out.


Ler er et fortryllende, tilgivende og håndterbart materiale. Processen velkommer fejl som en del af læringen og opfordre dig til at acceptere imperfektioner. At forme ler kan også være afslappende, da den taktile opleves kræver fokus, og beroliger dit sind.


In this course, you will learn a hand building technique as a group, with step by step demonstrations and personal assistance in between. I will also share my tips and tricks acquired through-out years of practice. This will facilitate your approach to the material and make your experience easier and more enjoyable.
After doing the first piece together, you will have extra time to create one or more pieces in a more independent way. You will get to bring your vision to life using the technique you have learnt, adding your personal touch, and with all the personal assistance you need.
Remember to try something new, give it personality and uniqueness.


After the course, I will take care of the drying, bisque firing, glazing and glaze firing process. You will be notified via email when it is ready. You can pick up your creations approximately 4 weeks after your course.
This mini course is great to come with a group of co-workers/friends or loved ones on a fun, creative and sometimes, competitive adventure.



Instructor Anabel Najera-Lopez

The course is given in english

620 kr

1 day - 3 hours


Perfect experience for team-building, birthday or bachelorette party, or a special activity with loved ones.



Price includes:


  • All clay you will need
  • Bisque firing
  • Glaze firing
  • Transparent glaze
  • Farvet glasur
  • Tea, coffee and cookies


Get your playlist ready and feel free to use my studio as your own..
You are allowed to bring your own snacks and drinks to feel more cozy.


*Average of pieces made at the course: 2

*Minimum of people required: 4


Save your spot!

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Please Pick a Date

1. A new skill
2. Remarkable and relaxing experience away from worries
3. Ceramic pieces for home (or to giveaway)
4. Opportunity to make friends or connect with yourself


1. You will create your pieces and select the glaze at the course.
2. I will slow dry your pieces in the studio for the next couple of weeks.
3. When ready, they will go into the kiln for the first time, called Bisque firing.
4. I will glaze your pieces in your chosen color
5. The pieces go into the second firing, called Glaze firing.
6. When the pieces get out of the kiln, they will be ready for pick up. You will get notified about it.
7. Choose the date and time that best suits you to pick up your pieces.
8. Enjoy your beautiful and unique ceramics for a lifetime!


-Ask for guidance at any point you feel stuck
-Remember to breath
-Four hours sound like a lot, but time flies in the studio! Still, remember to take breaks to stretch, take a glance around, bring your own snacks if wanted.


-No specific clothes required. You will get aprons in the studio. But, you will very likely still get clay somewhere, which can be washed off afterwards.


Expect to be challenged by new material and utilizing your creative side, and possibly discovering a new hobby.


Henrik S.
Read More
Went for an evening workshop, to make a mug or two, with colleagues. We had a lot of fun and we managed to make some mugs, we were guided through every step and allowed to be creative. Absolutely recommend the workshops!

Reservations & Cancellations


When you pay for a course your seat will be reserved immediately.

Cancelation Policy

You can get a full refund if you cancel your course atleast 7 days before the date of the course.
If you cancel 2 to 6 days before the course start you can get a 50% refund, or choose a new date without extra payment.
If cancelling 1 day before or on the day of the course it will only be possible to get a 25% refund or choose a new date for a fee of 100 kr.


If you have any questions regarding the courses or wish to book a private course you can contact me in the form below.