BARRO’s vision is to accentuate character in your space and bring a pleasing aesthetic to your everyday life by providing one-of-a-kind ceramic pieces. I want you to enjoy the endless possibilities that clay has to offer by providing functional pottery and ceramic sculptures. 


The shop contains several collections of unique ceramic pieces. Each collection is a new story to be told, giving me artistic freedom and maintaining an underlined style. Every functional piece is designed to have an organic and comfortable feel and tested meticulously for quality. BARRO's pieces will bring a naturally warm and cozy feeling to your place.


Stories from the studio

Discovering clay as a material was rediscovering my inner child. I remember playing on the patio and getting excited as I reached a new layer of soil. It was moldable soil! Then, I remember my mom saying to me, “This is called ". Barro”.

I grew up in the desert area in northern Mexico and moved to Aarhus, Denmark couple of years ago, where I work as a full-time artist. The sharp contrast between these two environments and cultures has been a powerful source of inspiration in the last couple of years.

I incorporate elements that remind me of these two areas in my pieces. Fascinated by the earthen colors and texture of exposed clay, they are two of the main characteristics of my work. They resemble nature, the land, and raw beauty.